Dirtbag Crypto Traders

Our mission is to provide crypto/blockchain news and commentary for the community of dirtbag crypto traders that use crypto currency to advance their love of wild adventures, and exploring new places.

Dirtbag Crypto Traders?

So Why has our movement skyrocketed?

  • We are real people just trying to live our dreams
  • We welcome all people
  • We believe in freedom and we do not need to be protected from ourselves by elite career politicians
  • We reject the suppression by politicians, government regulators, big tech, and rich Wallstreet suits


Exceptional experiences free from the political oppression in Washington DC, Silicon Valley or the peer pressure of Wall Street and their government regulator cronies.

Proud Dgen Dirtbags

Degen Dirtbag Crypto Traders are people who have cast off the restraints and live a life they are passionate about. 

The politicians from both parties, Wall Street Suits,  big tech, and government regulators have routinely denigrated, criticized, and advocated to shut down our trading rights.  But, we will always stand for freedom for all.



Explore new paths in your life, live a life of freedom of expression and take on new adventures confronting your fears

Dirtbag Crypto Traders leave FUD behind to
reach heights others only dream of

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